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Municipal assets such as Bridges, Water Towers, and Water Plants are important to our infrastructure and ensuring the safety of these structures as they continue to age is critical. Aerobotics Energy Group provides support in technology designed to help you manage difficult challenges by keeping you aware of conditions at the site that may affect its operation.

Service Details

Inspection of facilities and structures to efficiently record and document inspections

Inspection accessibility to height restricted equipment and areas requiring scaffolding, cranes and fall protection

Incident investigations and re-creations (via augmented reality)

Weather or operational damage surveys

Dropped objects inspections

Coating, Paint, and Insulation Inspections

Thermal Radiation Emissions Inspection via FLIR Instrumentation

Software to support measurement of structures with 3D modeling, in less than half the time of current methods. Ideal for facilities with limited or no documentation and structures operating or non-operating

Gas leak detection- including fluids (oil & water)

Customer live stream during inspections, construction activities (hookups) or general observations

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